Stars may be seen from the bottom of a deep well, when they cannot be seen from the top of the mountain. So are many things learned in adversity.
— Origin unknown


Leaders are made, not born.

What separates a manager from a leader? Effective leaders make ongoing changes in their organisation, and are also willing to commit to changes that bring about self- improvement. 

If you are constantly supporting and guiding staff or volunteers it is helpful to have an environment where you can receive input.  Deep Well understands that every leader can benefit from having a supervisor or coach, and works with an open agenda to support, enhance and grow your leadership influence. 

Steve is qualified to offer both General Coaching and Leadership Capacity Program (LCP)® Coaching.

General Coaching

You might be surprised to learn that the most valuable, in demand skill in today’s workplace is considered to be the ability to get on with other people.

The good news is, despite a cultural emphasis on how we are naturally wired, emotional intelligence (EQ) and self-awareness can be learnt through reflection and skill building.

For as little as one hour a month, there is a big payoff for a small investment into your professional development. Some of the topics Steve explores with you in regular coaching sessions include:

  • Life balance
  • Time management
  • Better boundaries
  • New skills
  • How others perceive you
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing staff and volunteers
  • Decision making
  • Dealing with adversity

Accountability for life balance and time management can pay big dividends. General coaching is charged at a standard hourly rate.

Have a confidential chat with Steve about your unique goals and challenges. 

Leadership Capacity Program (LCP)® Coaching

Different to traditional coaching models, LCP® harnesses the Power of Alignment™ to connect goals, values, skills and passions. The Leadership Capacity Program is an intensive program for individuals completed over a 90-day period. Backed by data collected through a range of proprietary tools, LCP® is able deliver fast results helping clients to drive a culture of lasting performance throughout their organisation. 

Based on 5 Leadership Anchors™ that sit at the heart of LCP™, clients are able to leverage key strengths and experiences to achieve their goals, at the same time resolving conflicts that impede performance.  Its unique multidimensional approach focuses on aligning their purpose, values, motivation and strengths, with their organizational, professional, and personal goals.

The success for clients that use LCP is evidenced by their increased capacity and ability to achieve their 90-day goals, while contributing to building a culture of improved and sustained performance. This creates a new trajectory for both the leader and the organization.

LCP™ is more than a program; it is a transformational leadership experience.

This program is available for a set price.

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Steve has a wealth of experience in leading people in various settings, which gives him the ability to speak at a very practical level about the way in which people tend to respond to different situations and structures.
— David Kilpatrick