Steve Ingram is a leader of leaders
— Wade Sinclair, RBCC


“Steve facilitated a workshop with our church to explore what God is asking of us for this next season of ministry. His gentle, unhurried presence created an open space for people to hear from God and each other. He did not push an agenda, but rather was sensitive to the culture of our church and offered insightful observations and challenges to the group. The session was worth every dollar we paid, and has been a great investment into the future of our church. 

Steve gently presented what we needed to hear as a church. He showed courage to address the elephants in the room, yet gave us hope that we can shape a bright future.

Steve asked us to consider some key questions as a leadership group that have since shaped the direction of our organisation. His wisdom and insight has helped us to take bold steps forward.” 

Senior Pastor South Perth Baptist

“As the former chair of the board of Carey Community Baptist Church and also Carey Baptist College I have had the opportunity of having Steve Ingram consult in relation to both organisational and structural matters and also change implementation. Steve has a deep understanding of organisational models and theory as well as an ability to apply and communicate this understanding in a variety of different contexts. In addition, Steve has a wealth of experience in leading people in various settings, which gives him the ability to speak at a very practical level about the way in which people tend to respond to different situations and structures. This combination of clarity of thought and understanding of structures and organisations as well as a deep understanding of what motivates and influences people to change and respond, gives him a unique ability to consult to either executive or governance leadership.  I would have no hesitation in consulting Steve again in relation to the identification of current issues or how to move an organisation forward in a manner that protects and promotes its values and purpose.”

Executive Director Carey Inc.

“Steve’s review of the leadership of our organisation was an outstanding success. He contextualised our activities within contemporary Australian society and discerned the current and emerging externalities. He also benchmarked our work against the roles and strategies in other domains. His methodology engaged the organisation’s members and leaders in a constructive and healthy process that gave rise to a balanced appraisal of our current position. His review process was healthy, constructive, and insightful. He respected our members and leaders and he considered the spiritual and human aspects of our work with care and discernment. His report provided a thorough analysis of our existing structure and the roles and capabilities of our leaders. He also developed a range of well-considered options for consideration by our governing council. Steve has provided us with a thorough appraisal of our present position, together with guidelines for the ongoing evaluation of our comprehensive change process. We are indebted to Steve for his rigorous and timely review.”

Chairperson Tasmanian Baptists.

“Steve was invited to work with Tasmanian Baptist in reviewing the work and the effectiveness of the Mission Leadership Team of our organization.

Steve's approach to this was thorough, well organized and efficient.  He uses the best of available models, ideas and processes to gain a good understanding of the organic nature of an organization. In addition, Steve also used the time proven methods of gaining insight into the effectiveness of an organisation through interview, structured listening situations, and informal settings.  He did this with respect.

The results presented to Tasmanian Baptists were frank, helpful and at the same time, presented ways forward for further exploration by the Leadership Team.

Tasmanian Baptist are grateful for a healthy review of the Mission Leadership Team, for the insights presented and for the careful way in which the review was conducted.”

 Superintendent Tasmanian Baptists

“Deep Well Leadership provided both a professional and genuine process in helping us to achieve the review process required in the ongoing governance responsibilities of our College.”

Chairman South Coast Baptist College


"Steve has been a consistent presenter at our organisation across a number of platforms, from whole and small group staff meetings to Executive Leadership Retreats. An engaging and articulate speaker, Steve's relaxed style draws his audience into a safe and comfortable space, while gently challenging them with deeply insightful and honest reflections that demonstrate, not only his commitment to evidence-based research, but his passion to see people flourish."  

 Executive Principal Carey Baptist College


I highly recommend Steve Ingram as a coach.  I appreciated his honesty, professionalism and confidentiality. Steve is blessed with the gift of discernment, which he uses wisely. I found Steve to be kind and supportive yet thoughtful and provoking. He has an  ability to look outside of the situation with a different perspective showing no bias or  judgement. I believe his gifting has grown my leadership capacity, for which I am so grateful. 

Marion Briers, Director Jump ELC

About Steve Ingram: a passionate man who can help you develop and to become a good communicator. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and skills as well as leading people. Steve can speak into situations and help you find clarity and direction when things seem cloudy. He helped me no end in finding myself and my passions.

Simply; clear minded, empathetic, discerning, Jesus driven.

Cymon Brooks

I am extremely thankful for my coaching relationship with Steve. Steve has helped me to grow my leadership capacity through guided reflection, careful listening and insightful questions that help me to explore and reflect on my practice.  Steve also has the skills to challenge and call out areas that need consideration in an empowering way.  

Ps Jackie Smoker, Church Health Pastor BCWA

“Steve has been my mentor/coach for nearly three years and over that time I’ve found him to be a good listener who asks appropriate questions that sparks deeper reflection and awareness. He also willing to speak into situations when needed bringing clarity and focus to my thinking and how I will act.”

Stephen Baxter, Tasmania

I have had the privilege of being led by Steve over the past 4 years, as both a group facilitator and as a coach. Steve’s style of facilitation is both relaxed and yet incredibly well-articulated and informed. In my experience Steve can take any life or leadership moment and apply appropriate and helpful leadership theory, both practical and thought provoking. Steve is happy to say how it is, whilst creating an environment where self-reflection is encouraged and also well facilitated.  I would happily recommend Steve, his ability to apply faith forming, spirit led, intellectual guidance would be an asset to any company or individual. 

Erica Jones, Captain Salvation Army

Interim Staffing

"Steve Ingram is a leader of leaders. Steve assisted the leaders and pastors at our church in the part-time Interim Lead Pastor role over several months in 2017.  Our church benefitted from Steve's preaching, his energetic leadership, his warm connection with people and his capacity to respond to challenging situations with grace and wisdom.  Under Steve the leadership reviewed our church structure and developed some key policies enabling us to take fresh steps towards fulfilling our vision and mission."

Wade Sinclair, Chairman of Elders Riverton Baptist Community Church


Deep Well works with clients in the church, education, aged care and other not-for-profit sectors. As a lot of Steve’s work is confidential, it is not appropriate to provide a complete list of clients and work, but referees are available upon request and those quoted above are used with permission.